"Peoples of Afrin will become Kawas of today"

Democratic Autonomous Administration Executive Advisor Mizgîn Ehmed stated that the international states and organizations are complicit in the massacres with their silence in the face of the invading Turkish state’s attacks against Afrin.

Democratic Autonomous Administration Executive Advisor Mizgîn Ehmed spoke to ANHA about the invading Turkish army and their gangs’ invasion attacks against Afrin, the plans to change the demographic makeup of the region and the silence of the international community in the face of ongoing attacks.

Along with their ongoing attacks against Afrin, the invading Turkish army wants to settle families of gang members to villages of Afrin and change the demographic makeup of the region. What outcome does the Turkish state want to achieve with this?

The peoples of Afrin have displayed a historic resistance against barbaric attacks for some two months. The peoples have guaranteed victory with their ongoing resistance. A common life was founded in Afrin with peoples who have been living on these lands for centuries, Kurds, Arabs, Syriacs, Ezidîs, Christians and Turkmens. These people have led a common and democratic life in this region since 2011. And this has been the source of great fear for the enemy. Looking at history, Erdoğan’s current attempts to change the demographic makeup of the region were implemented by the Syrian regime in the 1960s with the settlement of Arab citizens in Kurdish areas. Here, history repeats itself in the person of the invaders. As YPG and YPJ forces were liberating Girê Spî, Raqqa and Manbij from ISIS invasions, the invading Turkish army claimed PYD was changing the demographic structure of the region. They made very dirty and dark propaganda about this.

The war in Syria that has continued since 2011 is also an attempt in changing the demographic makeup of the country. But that has never been achieved in Afrin, and it will never be. The families of gang members settled by the Turkish state in the villages and homes of the peoples of Afrin should know that they will get lost in the currents of the Turkish state’s tricks and ploys. Because these families have lost their homes once, and clearly they haven’t taken any lessons from that to heart.

Erdoğan aims to pit Kurdish and Arab families against each other by settling these families in Afrin, and thus to create tension and friction in the region. The gangs who took part in the attacks against Afrin along with the Turkish state have looted and invaded the areas they entered, tortured dead bodies and carried out massacres. The families settled in Afrin should not accept to be the victims in these tricks.

What does the silence of European states and international organizations in the face of these ongoing attacks and these practices?

The silence of international states and institutions in the face of the people of Afrin having to migrate and their lands being invaded will bring about a calamity in the coming days. The Middle East is being redesigned in the 21st century. And the Kurdish people have achieved great strength in both the military and the political sense. World powers clearly say, “We will let you exist but you can’t be strong”. Or they say, “We will not let you lead the democratic system”. In this sense, the silence of European states and international organizations is in support of the massacring of the people, the changing of the demographics in the region and the invasion of Afrin.

Turkey did not recognize the United Nations Security Council’s ceasefire resolution for Syria. Where does Turkey find all this daring?

The whole world has been shocked at the resistance waged in Afrin. Who can say that Erdoğan, a murderer who fears children, can achieve victory in Afrin? This is not possible. It has since been seen that the Kurdish forces are not weak. Erdoğan said he would enter Afrin in 3 days, he hasn’t been able to in 2 months. The UN Security Council has failed to uphold the ceasefire resolution they passed on February 24 for the whole of Syria, and thus has become complicit in the murder of children in Afrin. The UN ignores Erdoğan’s invasion and his barbaric attacks against civilians and claimed that YPG prevents civilians from leaving Afrin, which has added to their complicity in the invasion of Afrin and the massacre of civilians. The United Nations Security Council decided to have children die in Afrin, rather than to stop the attacks.

We remember the martyrs of March 12 and the martyrs of the Halabja massacre. With the Resistance of the Age, the light of peoples will prevail. The peoples of Afrin will become Kawas of today. Our only slogan is, “Victory, or victory”