Participants of the World Social Forum call for “Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan”

At the World Social Forum held in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, calls for made for the freedom of Kurdish Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

The Asian Chapter of the World Social Forum convened in Nepal this year from February 15-19. The forum discussed the economy, inequality, climate issues, labor rights, migration, caste exclusion, gender equality, peace and sustainable development. Around 40,000 people from 1188 organizations from 91 countries, mostly in Asia, attended the forum in the capital Kathmandu.

Many presentations and discussions were prepared for the second day of the forum. The discussion on 'Radical Democracy' was attended by many Asian organizations, as well as delegates from Jineology, Democratic Modernity Academy and Kongra Star. There was great interest in the presentation of the delegates who introduced the ideas and philosophy of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan. Many brochures and written materials were also distributed. In the middle of the program, the participants read out a statement in English with a message for freedom for the Kurdish People's Leader.