Number of prisoners in Turkey doubles the 12 September coup period

The number of people currently imprisoned in Turkey has reached a record level and doubled even the 12 September period when 79 thousand people had been jailed.

According to the figures by Turkish Ministry of Justice's General Directorate of Prisons and Detention Houses, there are 290 closed prisons, 60 detached prisons, 2 juvenile detention centers, 5 closed prison of women and 3 closed prisons of children.

As many as 105 prisoners and 34 additional buildings have been built during the AKP period between the years of 2006 and 2016. With these, the total number of prisons and detention houses in Turkey has risen to 362.

Although these 362 prisons and detention houses have a capacity of 180.256, there are a total of 187.647 people jailed across the country as of March 31, which means an additional 7.391 people are held in over-crowded jails.

There were 60.968 people jailed in Turkey during the 1971's military coup and this figure went down to 24.860 as a result of an amnesty declared by Bülent Ecevit in 1973.

The number of the prisoners across Turkey before the 12 September 1980's military coup was 52.653 and this figure climbed up to 79.786 as of the year of 1981 after the coup.

During 1984 when the martial law started to be removed, there were a total of 73.064 people jailed in Turkey, and this went down to 52.150 in the year of 1986.

In the year of 1991, the total figure of prisoners went down to 26.851 in line with the arrangement of the anti-terror act by Turgut Özal. This figure later climbed back to 34.805 in 1993 and had reached 60.606 in the year of 1997 when Tansu Çiller handed over the government.

The AKP government quadrupled the number of prisoners to 187.647 by April, 2016.

57.930 people had been imprisoned in Turkey in the year of 2004 and this figure climbed to 90.837 in 2007's December with the beginning of the conflict between the PKK and state forces.

The total figure rose to 145.478 in 2013 and had reached 178.089 by the end of 2015.

There were 903 women and 352 children jailed in Turkey when the AKP took over the government but this number also recorded a major increase, with 5.631 women and 784 child prisoners by the March of 2016.