Newroz in Stockholm: Öcalan’s freedom is our freedom

Thousands of people celebrated Newroz in Stockholm with great enthusiasm under the slogan "Freedom for Öcalan, a political solution to the Kurdish question."


Thousands of Kurds traveled from different cities of Sweden to the capital Stockholm and celebrated the Kurdish New Year, Newroz, with the slogan "Freedom for Öcalan, a political solution to the Kurdish question". Kurdish songs and the participation of women in national dress created colorful images. Many representatives of non-governmental organizations, politicians, journalists and writers were also present at the celebration.

Pictures of Kurdistan Freedom Martyrs were hung in the hall where the celebration took place, starting with a minute of silence for the martyrs and the Kurdish anthem “Ey Reqip”.

Latif Cebe, Co-President of the Democratic Kurdish Community Centre in Stockholm, greeted the people and Girin Kasırga, on behalf of the Amara Women's Assembly, read the message of the TJK-E (Kurdish Women’s Movement in Europe). The message pointed out that after 8 March, Newroz has become a great opportunity for Kurdish women to once again express their freedom on the streets in line with the philosophy of 'Jin Jiyan Azadî' (Woman, Life, Freedom). The message said, "Today, women are uniting more and more around the leader and are participating strongly in the international campaign by saying 'the freedom of our leader is our freedom'. As on 8 March, we showed our commitment and determination to each other all over Europe. In Newroz, we will be on the field with the colours of resistance. We state that we will struggle until Kurdistan gains status and our leader is physically freed. On the occasion of the Day of Resistance, we celebrate the Newroz of our people. Newroz is freedom, freedom of Leader Öcalan, our freedom".

After the speeches, Koma Teşî Govend team took the stage and performed a dance show, which was greatly admited by the participants. After the Govend performance, DKTM Scandinavia Co-Chair Menice Yiğit spoke.

Referring to the uninterrupted struggle of the Kurdish people for decades, Menice Yiğit said that the Kurdish movement is the hope of all humanity. Yiğit expressed her dissatisfaction with the Swedish government, which oppresses Kurdish organisations and refugees.

KNK Co-Chair Zeyneb Muradî also took the floor and congratulated the Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan, women and the people of Kurdistan in four parts on Newroz. Appealing to the Kurdish people on the occasion of the elections to be held in Turkey and North Kurdistan on March 31, Zeyneb Muradî stated that the Kurdish people should respond strongly against AKP-MHP fascism with their organised struggle. Zeyneb Muradî stated that the Kurdish people living in every part of Kurdistan should be cautious against attacks and form their national unity.

Diana Ghafour, candidate of the Social Democratic Party for the European Parliament, and Daniel Riazat, MP of the Left Party (Venster), also addressed the participants and congratulated the Kurdish people and all the peoples of the Middle East on Newroz. Daniel Riazat emphasised the importance of the struggle of the Kurdish people and said that they will always stand by the Kurdish people.

Kurdish artists Diyar Mehrovî, Dîda and Piya, Nûarîn, Dilşad Hewlerî, Şiyar and Dijwar, Ali Agirê Jiyan took the stage.

The celebration ended with govend dance performances.