New provocation move by the KDP

Local sources reported that the KDP went to Kanî Masî through the triangle between Haci Umran and Çoman and Begova, Batufa and Brifka Oil areas.

Despite all warnings, the KDP's provocation attempts continue in Medya Defense Areas.

The KDP's military build-up, which started in Garê in October, continues with the establishment of new check-points.

A convoy of KDP forces with 300 people and 56 armoured vehicles, including tanks, artillery and heavy weapons, was deployed between Çoman and Heci Ümran.

On the other hand, it was learned that KDP forces crossed the triangle between Begova, Batufa and Brifka Oil areas and reached Kanî Masî today early in the morning.

Although HPG guerrillas have spoken to and warned KDP forces, the deployment in the region continues.