NES Humanitarian Affairs Office condemns UNOCHA report

UNOCHA report speaks of the return of 130,000 IDPs while 60,000 returns to Kobane, Qamishlo, Dirbesiye have been documented.

The North and East Syria Humanitarian Affairs Office condemned UNOCHA's apparent whitewashing of the crisis in the region, saying:

"The report speaks of the return of 130,000 IDPs. We have documented 60,000 returns to Kobane, Qamishlo, Dirbesiye - what increases the number to 130,000? We have not recorded any cases of returnees to these areas [under the control of Turkish forces], where people suffer serious violations by armed factions, regardless of ethnicity and religion."

They also noted that UN agencies refused to assist with new camps for people displaced by Turkish invasion - while not one truck of UN aid arrived to NE Syria via Yarubiya crossing in November.

The Humanitarian Affairs Office further states that:

"The UNOCHA report thanks the Turkish government for its help repairing the Allouk water station, while ignoring the bombing of the station & obstruction of access for repairs by Turkish forces."

In fact, Allouk water station has been damaged twice more by recent attacks, and is still out of service.

These photos are from Ashma and Siftik villages near Kobane which were damaged by Turkish bombing, demonstrating the state of the homes that displaced families have fled from.