MSD Co-chair: People of Deir ez-Zor ready to govern themselves

MSD Co-chair Ilham Ehmed stated that the people of Deir ez-Zor are ready to govern themselves and organize their territory.

Deir ez-Zor Civilian Council Constituent Congress began with the participation of opinion leaders of the region, civilian councils of Tabqa and Raqqa and representatives of Manbij Executive Council.

Speaking at the congress, Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) Co-chair Ilham Ehmed said; “Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have cleared a larger territory in Northern Syria of terror. People in these regions formed their councils and got organized. The Civilian Council of Deir ez-Zor will also be formed and organize the liberated regions.”

Remarking that everyone is organizing themselves with their free will, Ehmed said: “The Syrian regime is still insisting on the centralist system, and is still not ready to change its own ruling system.”

She underlined that it is time the Syrian regime changed its system and took steps towards democracy.

Regarding the Syrian Coalition, Ehmed said the parties calling themselves Coalition have done nothing for the Syrian people. “Foreign states used them and they declared their defeat”, she added.

MSD Co-chair continued; “The Democratic Northern Syria Federation will bring peace to the whole country. In the Federation system, the people will get organized with their own will. Now, the people of Deir ez-Zor say they are ready to govern themselves and organize their regions once their home is liberated.”

The congress continues.