Memorial for Lorenzo Orsetti in Zurich

Tekoşer Piling (Lorenzo Orsetti), one of the YPG international martyrs, was commemorated in Zurich on the 4th anniversary of his death.

A memorial was held in Zurich for YPG fighter Tekoşer Piling (Lorenzo Orsetti), who fell as a martyr during the campaign to liberate Baghouz.

Tekoşer Piling's family, friends, many Swiss revolutionary institutions and Kurds attended the commemoration held in the historical La Fabrica Di Zurigo Culture House, known as the cultural center of the Italian revolutionaries living in Switzerland.

Speaking at the event, Tekoşer Piling's father, Alessandro Orsetti, said that his son dedicates his life to the freedom of the peoples of the world and added: “At the time when the ISIS attacks started, our comrade Tekoşer was interested in the struggle of the Kurdish people. Tekoşer Piling followed Abdullah Öcalan's philosophy of Democratic Confederalism and believed that the freedom of the peoples of the world would be realized by implementing this philosophy, and with this belief, he stepped into the lands of Rojava. He was an internationalist fighter for this cause.”

Zurich CDK co-chairs and Swiss Democratic Kurdish Council (CDK-S) Foreign Relations Spokesperson Ahmet Yaman took the floor. Ahmet Yaman said: “Lorenzo Orsetti has become a symbol not only for the Kurdish people, but also for the world revolutionary struggle. We know very well that very soon the whole world will realize what values Lorenzo Orsetti stood for and why he fell a martyr for this cause. Like thousands of Che Guevara created by the world revolutionary struggle, Lorenzo Orsetti has become immortal by taking his place in history.”

The commemoration continued with the screening of the documentary film 'Tekoser, il partigiano Orso', which was prepared on Lorenzo Orsetti's biography and his life of struggle.

A commemoration will be held in Bern today.