MİT agent exposed by the ANF on the parliamentary agenda

The Turkish-German MİT agent Chief Inspector Döndü Yazgan exposed by the ANF in August is now on the federal parliament’s agenda. The Merkel government avoids Die Linke’s inquiry, “How many moles like Yazgan are there within the German security units?"

On August 30, the newspaper Welt am Sonntag reported that a Turkish-German chief inspector in the Hessen state had frequent meetings with MİT agents in Germany and that an investigation had been launched on the police officer in question.

The German newspaper used a pseudonym in the article, and afterwards the ANF announced that the chief inspector in question is Döndü Yazgan and has been serving in the city of Wiesbaden in the “harmony police” department.

The Turkish-German chief inspector who served in the German police for years was frequently visiting Ankara and meeting with Turkish police officials. According to the articles in Turkish media archives alone, Yazgan visited Ankara twice a year on average for the last 10 years.


Die Linke’s group in the Federal Parliament took the MİT moles working for the Erdoğan government, starting with Döndü Yazgan, to the Federal Parliament’s agenda. Die Linke submitted a written inquiry regarding the MİT agents’ activity to the parliament for the government to respond.

Die Linke pointed out the MİT moles who infiltrated the German police and asked the government how many MİT moles the federal prosecutor’s office has launched investigations on. Because the federal prosecutor’s office based in Karlsruhe announced that they have launched investigations on some 20 Turkish agents, but they avoid giving details.

Die Linke also inquired about the relationship between Interpol and the German police force, and asked the Merkel government: “How many Turkish moles have infiltrated the federal police and state police forces, and the domestic intelligence agency the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution BND like Yazgan?”

Die Linke mentioned Chief Inspector Yazgan’s relationships and asked: “Does the government have information on Yazgan’s relationship with the Turkish ambassador of Frankfurt of the time İlhan Saygılı and her meeting with Abdullah Ağar in Bremen?” The written inquiry submitted to the parliament on August 31, but the Merkel government hasn’t responded to it for weeks now.


Hessen State Police Chief Sabine Thurau and Hessen State Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution Chairperson Robert Schäfer had intervened with the report the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution prepared on Yazgan’s ties to the MİT.

After these two officials intervened, the second report on Yazgan excluded her ties with the MİT, and stated that her meetings with the Turkish consulates in Frankfurt and Mainz were “perfectly normal”. After ANF’s article on the matter, the AKP media urgently rushed to protect Yazgan.

After Yazgan was exposed as working for the MİT, she continued working in the Hessen State Police (LKA) as a low level officer. Yazgan has most recently been reported to be working in the unit investigating “fake marriages”.

It is interesting that almost all the “harmony police” officers on duty in all cities in the Hessen state are from Turkish backgrounds. According to research by the ANF, in many police forces in the state, particularly Frankfurt, Kassel, Offenbach and Hanau, there is a large number of Turkish chief inspectors who serve as “harmony police”.

Even though they are responsible for immigrants, these chief inspectors aren’t interested in anybody but the Turks, and their close ties with AKP’s institutions in Germany like the DİTİB and the UETD ş,le Yazgan is significant.

ANF’s articles on the matter: