"Las Tesis": Fighters in Rojava publish video

Fighters of the KKB/KÖG in Rojava released a video showing the performance of "Las Tesis", which has become a symbol of the worldwide struggle against the culture of rape.

The feminist collective "Las Tesis" from Chile has initiated a mass movement. Their chant "Un violador en tu camino" is a referral to sexual violence and rape culture. Within a week, the performance "Un violador en tu camino" (A rapist on your way) by activists from the port city of Valparaíso was adapted and reinterpreted by feminists in Latin America, the US, Europe and even Australia and Asia. Recently the performance has been performed in Italy, Turkey, India, Russia and Lebanon, and now also in Rojava.

The female fighters of the communist KKB/KÖG units in Rojava have now released a video on which an armed women's unit performs "Las Tesis". In a statement on the two-minute video, it says: "All over the world, from Argentina to Lebanon, from Spain to Turkey, women are resisting. As women who resist the invasion of Rojava, the gangs and the patriarchy, we give voice to this struggle with 'Las Tesis'.