Kurds take the streets of Europe for Öcalan

Protests continue after the news that a fire broke out on Imrali Island, where Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan has been in isolation for 21 years. Activists demanded that Öcalan could meet his lawyers.

Actions were held in many European cities after the news of a fire in Imrali island. 


An action organised in the city center to draw attention to the situation of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

Dozens of people attended the action, organised by Duisburg Democratic Kurdish Community Center (DKTM).

In a statement made at the rally, it was underlined that the concerns about Öcalan deepened after the news of a fire in İmralı. "We are concerned about the health and life of Öcalan. We do not accept the isolation imposed on Öcalan."

The activists called on the Turkish government to provide information and to allow Öcalan to meet with his family and lawyers.

Activists also called on the CPT and relevant European institutions to take action.


An action was organised in Düsseldorf. Some 70 people joined the action.


IKurds and their friends carried out an action in front of the train station in the city of Bielefeld. The action was promoted by the Free Young Women and Revolutionary Youth Movement. German police wanted to confiscate posters and flags.


A spontaneous action was carried out in Kassel to draw attention to the situation of Öcalan. The action took place in front of the train station and activists expressed their concern as no news about Öcalan and the other three prisoners in Imralı were given after the fire.


A rally was held in front of the train station organised by the Kurdish Community Center and Ronahi Berivan Women's Council in Mannheim. The activists announced that they will be in permanent action until news of Öcalan are received. A call was made to join the march in Frankfurt today at 2 pm.


Kurdish youth carried out civil disobedience protests in Russia Today (RT) television channel offices in Paris.

During the meeting with a journalist working for RT, activists left a dossier describing the latest situation of Öcalan. The activists asked the Russian television channel not to remain silent about Öcalan situation. 


A march was held in the city of Montpellier. The march organized by DKTM and Delal Amed Women's Commune started in Peyrou Pitot Park and continued until Comedie Square. DKTM Co-chair Cevat Güneş said that Kurds around the world are on streets demanding news about Öcalan. 


Members of the Kurdish People's Assembly gathered in London, in front of the Parliament building.

London Kurdish People's Assembly co-chair Nejla Ari drew attention to the dubious fire on Imrali Island and demanded action from the European institutions. Ari pointed out that isolation is against international law and deepens the war in the Middle East.


Activists in Lucerne demonstrated in front of the cantonal parliament.