Kurds in Geneva and Bern protest racist attacks carried out in Belgium

Following the racist attack carried out by Turkish groups against Kurdish families in Leuven, protests were held in Geneva and Bern.


Kurds got together at the Geneva central train station on Sunday night following a call to protest issued by TCŞ (Tewgera Ciwanên Şoreşger) and TekoJIN (Jinen Ciwanên Tekoşer) and made a statement about the racist attack that took place in the Belgian city of Leuven.

TCŞ member Botan Cizîr said: "As you know, there was an attack on a Kurdish family who returned from the Newroz celebrations. Turkish racist fascists attacked this Kurdish family. Just as they burned our people and families in the basements of Cizre, they also tried to burn our families in the attack attempt in Belgium. We strongly condemn this despicable attack. As TCŞ Geneva young people, we condemn this attack, and we call on everyone to protect our people."

The action ended with a march.

Protest in Bern

In the city of Bern, Kurds also protested the racist attack by taking to the streets and called for more actions.

The statement read at Bahnhofplatz said: "Hundreds of fascist Turks attacked Kurds returning from the Newroz celebration. As  young Kurdish people, we will not remain silent about this attack. We call on all the young people to take to the streets."

More protests against the racist attacks are planned for today, Monday.