Kurds in Europe to take to the streets in support of protests in Rojhilat and Iran

Kurdish institutions and parties in Europe announced mass demonstrations on 1 October to support the resistance in Iran and Rojhilat (Western Kurdistan).

Kurdish institutions and parties in Europe announced that they “salute the growing resistance against the atrocities Kurdish woman Mahsa Amini was subjected to.”

“The Kurds have always been an important part of profound social changes throughout the history of the Middle East. Various uprisings and revolutions have spread from the heart of Mesopotamia to neighbouring countries and peoples over the course of history,” The Kurdish organizations in Europe said in a joint written statement on Tuesday, which further included the following:


“From 612 BC to the uprisings in Northern, Western, Southern and Eastern Kurdistan, the Kurdish people have paid heavy prices in these struggles for thousands of years, but they have never renounced the cause of freedom, never submitting to tyrants and totalitarian regimes.

The Kurds have survived by resisting massacres, exploitation and genocides for hundreds of years. The reason for their strength and survival is their insistence on resistance in the battlefields and prisons of the occupying states.

During the recent protests against the brutal murder of Mahsa Amini in Eastern Kurdistan, the Kurds are again leading the uprising and resistance against reactionary forces of the Islamic Republic.

In the beginning, the brutal murder of Amini caused a huge sorrow within family members, whose call for justice from Saqiz then led to public indignation in dozens of large and small cities of Rojhilat and Iran, and finally turned into a revolt exerting an influence over a wide range of oppositional groups.

The murder of Amini has led to a common struggle and protest of millions of people who collectively promote demands for freedom and democracy for the peoples of Iran, especially the Kurds.

These uprisings have gone beyond the borders of our country and spread all over the world under the slogans Jin-Jiyan-Azadi (Woman, Life, Freedom) and 'Death to the dictator, Kurdistan is the light and eye of Iran'. Such gains are very valuable and Kurdish women and men, as well as different ethnic groups, are participating in the revolt against the dominant and dictatorial regimes. The fear of the Iranian mullah regime has been overcome for the first time and ethnic groups that were rendered hostile to each other through the chauvinist policies of the regime have become closer.


We, as the undersigned Kurdish institutions and parties in Europe, call on all the Kurdish people to embrace the rightful demands and uprising of the people of Rojhilat with their actions wherever they are.

The Kurdish parties and institutions in Europe will carry out actions on 01.10.2022 in many cities and centres of Europe, Canada and Australia to protest the attacks against those resisting in East Kurdistan and Iran. Under the current extraordinary circumstances, all Kurds and everyone who promotes democracy, freedom and women's liberation should participate in mass demonstrations, marches and actions."


Places of action are as follows:

Germany: Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin, Hanover

Netherlands: Amsterdam, Rotterdam

Belgium: Brussels

England: London, Sheffield

Sweden: Stockholm, Yotobori, Eskilstuna

Norway: Oslo

Finland: Helsinki, Turku

Australia: Sydney

France Paris

Austria: Vienna

Greece: Athens

Canada: Toronto


Italy Roma



The parties and institutions that contributed to the joint declaration are as follows:

Yektiya Niştimani Kurdistan (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan- PUK)

Gorran (Change) Movement

Kongreya Civakên Demokratîk ên Kurdistaniyên li Ewrupa (European Kurdish Democratic Societies Congress- KCDK-E)

Tevgêra Jinên Kurdistanê-Ewrupa (Kurdish Women's Movement in Europe- TJK-E)

Partiya ŞÛÎ - Southern Kurdistan

Kongra Star Ewropayê (Rojava, North-East Syrian Women's Organization-Europe)

Partiya Zahmetkêşan – South Kurdistan

Partiya Azadî û Demokratya Êzidian (Yazidi Freedom and Democracy Party-PADÊ)

Tevgera Azadi (Freedom Movement)

PYD (Democratic Unity Party)

Partiya Demokrat a Kurdên ya Sûriyê (Syria Kurdish Democratic Party- P.D.K.S)

Partiya Çep a Kurd li Sûrî (Syria Kurdish Left Party)

Tevgera Nûjen ya Kurdistanî-Sûrya (Kurdistan Contemporary Movement in Syria)

Partiya Çep a Demoqrat a Kurd li Sûriyê (Kurdish Democratic Left Party in Syria - PÇDKS)

Partiya Demokrat a Kurdên Sûriyê (Democratic Party of the Syrian Kurds- El Parti)

Partiya Çep a Demokrat li Sûriyê (Syria Democratic Left Party)

Partiya Rêkeftin a Kurd li Sûriyê (Syria Kurdish Alliance Party)

Partiya Çaksaziya Kurd li Sûriyê (Syria Kurdish Reform Party)

Partiya Kesk a Demokrat Kurdistanî li Sûriyê (Democratic Kurdistan Green Party in Syria)

Partiya Demokrata Kurdistani li Sûriyê (Syria Kurdistan Democratic Party)

Partiya Komanist a Kurdistanî li Sûriyê (Syria Kurdistan Communist Party)

Partiya Îslamiya Kurdistan (Kurdistan Islamic Party- PIK)

Partiya Kominist a Kurdistanê (Communist Party of Kurdistan- KKP)

Tevgera Kawa (Kawa Movement)

Partiya Jiyana Azada Kurdistan (Kurdistan Free Life Party- PJAK)

Yekîtiya Şorşgeri Kurdistan (Kurdistan Revolutionary Union)

Civaka Demokratîk û Azada Rojhelatĕ Kurdistanê (Democratic and Free Society of East Kurdistan-KODAR)

Civaka Jinên Rojhelati Kurdistanê (East Kurdistan Women's Association- KJAR)

Horam Platform

Zagros Platform

Yarsan Platform

Yarî Kurd

Partiya Dimokrati Pêşverû ya Kurd li Sûriyê (Syria Kurdish Progressive Democratic Party)

Tevchand- Tevgera Çand û Hunera Kurd (Kurdish Culture and Art Movement)

Kurdische Gemeinde Stuttgart e.V.

FEDA (Kurdistan Alevi Federation)

NAV YÊK (Yazidi Associations Union Center)

Kurdische Zentrum Berlin

Civaka Islamiya Kurdistan (Islamic Society of Kurdistan- CIK)

Enstituta Kurdi –Kurdish Institute in Germany

Enstituta Kurdi – Kurdish Institute in Brussels

Meclîsa Shingal a Derveyî Welat (Shengal Overseas Assembly- MŞD)

Yekîtîya Mamostayên Kurdistan (Kurdistan Teachers Union- YMK)

Yekitiya Êzdiyên Sûri (Syria Yazidi Union- YES)

Kurdische Gemeinde zu Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.

Dachverband der Êzidischen Frauenräte (Umbrella Organisation of Yazidi Women's Councils)

DKF (Deutsch-kurdisches Forum) e.V Dresden (German-Kurdish Forum)

Kongreya Gel a Mesopotamia (Mesopotamian People's Congress)

Partiya Azadiyê ya Mesopotamia (Mesopotamia Freedom Party)

Kurdistan Human Rights Association

Civaka Kurd ji bo Neteweyên Yekbuyî (United Nations Kurdish Community)

Partiya Roj