Kurds in Berlin celebrate 18th anniversary of PYD

At the event held in Berlin to mark the 18th anniversary of the PYD's establishment, the Turkish state's threats of invasion were condemned.

The 18th anniversary of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) was celebrated enthusiastically in Berlin.

Nav-Berlin, Dest-Dan Women's Assembly and many institutions attended the event.

The celebration, which started with a minute’s silence in memory of the martyrs of Kurdistan, continued with the speech by Deham Ibrahim on behalf of the organizing committee.

Nav-Berlin co-chair Hüseyin Yılmaz said: “The whole world is watching while chemical weapons are used against the Kurdish people who are fighting against  ISIS in the Middle East. The Kurdish people continue their struggle against the fascist system. We will always fight against the fascist mentality.”

PYD Germany representative, Xebat Şakir, mentioned that the Turkish President repeated his war threats against Rojava and added: “The people of Rojava are defending their own lands, but if they can pass, they will pass over our bodies. The Erdogan-MHP fascist regime is coming to an end day after day, economically, politically and in the eyes of the people, which is why they tried to continue their existence with the massacre of the Kurdish people.

Speaking on behalf of the Kurdistan Centre, Hüseyin Taşan said: “The Turkish state is killing the Kurdish people with bombs every day. The fascist Turkish state, which is preparing to attack Rojava, thinks that it will continue to exist by killing the Kurdish people, but it is mistaken.”

Koma Vejin, Ibrahim Kurdî, Helbestvan Dimas, Koma Zozan and Şerîf Omerî ended the celebration.