KON-MED salutes the New Year as a new year of struggle

Celebrating the new year, KON-MED emphasized that 2021 will be the year in which the struggle will grow.

The Confederation of Kurdistan Communities (KON-MED) in Germany issued a written statement on the occasion of the New Year.

In the statement KON-MED emphasized that in 2020, genocidal and invading attacks have been going on, however they have been met with resistance. The new year, said KON-MED "will be the year in which the struggle will grow."

Protesting the collaborative policies of the KDP and pointing to the importance of national unity, KON-MED said, "The conjuncture of the time is turning according to the wishes of the Kurds. The enemies and occupiers of Kurdistan use all their power to turn the flow of time against Kurds. But this is now impossible."