Khamenei: “Enemies of Iran have created chaos in our country”

Iranian religious authority Alî Khamenei spoke for the first time on the 6th day of the protests against poverty and the oppressive policies of the regime in Iran and Rojhilat and said: “Our enemies have created chaos in the country.”

As the popular protests launched in Iran and Rojhilat (Eastern Kurdistan) against poverty and the decades long oppressive policies of the regime complete day 6, Iranian religious authority Alî Khamenei who the reactions have centered on spoke for the first time. Khamenei said “foreign forces” were responsible for the protests: “Our enemies created chaos in the country. The enemy is always looking out for opportunities to damage the Islamic order.”

Khamenei said the enemy was trying to tear down the Islamic order and continued: “In the last few days, the enemies of Iran have used their resources of money, weapons, politics and security forces and formed an alliance to create problems for the Islamic order.”

Khamenei said: “During the 8 years long Holy War of Defense period, if the Baath forces had been able to enter the country, they would have shown no mercy and Iran would have been in a worse situation than Libya or Syria today.”

“The enemy is always looking for opportunities to seep through any cracks and attack the Iranian nation. What is needed to stop the enemy is the spirit of courage, sacrifice and people’s faith,” said Khamenei and calling on the mullahs to “be ready”, said: “There are some things I want to explain regarding the incidents in Iran. At a suitable time I will share these with the beloved people of Iran.”