KESK calls for 1 May rally in Taksim Square

In a statement about 1 May, KESK Istanbul Branches Platform said: "Let's meet in Taksim Square!"

The Confederation of Public Employees' Unions (KESK) Istanbul Branches Platform held a press conference on 1 May, International Workers’ Day, at the Education and Science Workers' Union (Eğitim Sen) Branch No. 3.

Referring to the election results, SES Anatolia Branch President Şahin Tanrıverdi said that AKP suffered a big blow.

Drawing attention to the situation created by outside voters in Kurdistan, Tanrıverdi said: “The Kurdish people have clearly expressed their will. They have clearly shown to be against the trustee regime. We would like to express that we are very happy with this results."

KESK Term Spokesperson Hüseyin Tosu said that 1 May is the day of unity and struggle, and called on everyone to be organized. He said: “We must organize our will shoulder to shoulder, workplace by workplace, street by street, square by square. We say that we will continue to fight for labor, peace, democracy, equality and freedom in Turkey and Istanbul, as in every country in the world.”

Tosu said that KESK will be in Taksim on 1 May and added: "Our insistence on Taksim continues, both legally and legitimately, and as a requirement of our promise to those we lost their lives in Taksim on 1 May 1977 and 1989. Let's meet in Taksim Square on 1 May!”