KDP seeks provocation in Heftanin-Metina area

The KDP is seeking provocation along the Heftanin-Metina line held by the guerrilla. It is reported that Aziz Weysi, who is in charge of the Serbest Lezgin and Zerevan forces, and who left Shengal without defense and fled, is preparing for a provocation.

The KDP, which made Southern Kurdistan [Bashur] a present to the Turkish state and acted together with the invaders against Kurdish movements, especially the Kurdish Freedom Movement, is trying to step in itself when the Turkish state is in trouble. When the Turkish state's invasion attacks are stopped by guerrilla resistance, the KDP shows up and tries to occupy some areas by involving Iraq and PUK in its schemes.


According to the information obtained from local sources, the military officers of the KDP, Serbest Lezgin and Aziz Weysi, have been carrying out some activities seeking provocation in the guerrilla areas since the beginning of October.

Serbest Lezgin and Aziz Weysi aim to include Iraqi border security forces in their provocations. Sheikh Elo and Serbest Lezgin, who are in charge of the KDP Duhok Peshmerga Command, Aziz Weysi, who is in charge of Zerevani forces, and a Parastin officer named Brust, took part in a convoy of 30 vehicles that included a military delegation from the Iraqi government and a delegation from the Turkish intelligence, which moved to the Kanimasi town at around 13.00 on October 15, 2020.

It is reported that these people held a meeting at the Kanimasi base affiliated to the Iraqi Border Guards. As a result of this meeting, Iraqi forces were asked to hold some places on the Kanimasi-Zaxo line and to carry out joint intelligence activities against the Freedom Movement. Iraqi forces are also wanted to be used for dirty policies.


It is stated that Brust, the KDP’s general military intelligence officer in the delegation, disseminated false information that "the guerrilla would attack the peshmerga" after the meeting. In this scope, it is stated that the peshmerga is requested to fight against the guerrilla, and the peshmerga forces in the Zaxo area were made to take backscattering position. It was learned that the KDP has been trying to deploy forces in Metina and Heftanin areas by spreading this information.

In addition, it is reported that in the next few days, Zerevan forces affiliated to Aziz Weysi will be deployed in the places held by KDP forces in the Metina-Heftanin area.