KCDK-E: Defend Kurdistan demonstration in Düsseldorf sent message of determination and solidarity

As a co-organiser of the "Defend Kurdistan" demonstration in Düsseldorf, the KCDK-E welcomes the broad participation and speaks of a "march of determination and solidarity".

On 25 June, tens of thousands of people took to the streets in Düsseldorf to protest the Turkish war in all parts of Kurdistan. At the same time, protest actions took place in France.

The Kurdish European umbrella organization KCDK-E welcomes the large participation in the march, underlining that “women, children, young, old, internationalists, friends, trade unionists, artists, revolutionaries and democrats all take part in the magnificent demonstration with the greatest passion.”

The KCDK-E went on to say that “the resistance and protest against the attacks carried out by the Turkish state with chemical weapons was accompanied by Kurdish artists. The banners carried by the tens of thousands of people at the demonstration condemned the Turkish state's invasion attacks and massacres, protested the international silence and sided with the guerrilla’s resistance. Slogans against fascism and the betrayal of the South Kurdish KDP were chanted non-stop from the kilometre-long march.”

"A clear answer"

The KCDK-E added that at the demonstration “people from all parts of Kurdistan, human rights defenders, well-known personalities, trade unionists, political parties, the women’s movement, internationalists as well as many organizations gave a clear answer to the genocidal attacks.”

The federation also welcomes the presence of many images of Kurdish representative Abdullah Öcalan and the contribution of British union representative Simon Dubbins. Dubbins is Director of International Affairs and Research for the British trade union Unite the Union and co-chair of the Freedom for Öcalan campaign.

"We would like to thank all participants"

The KCDK-E ended its statement thanking “our people, our friends, the revolutionaries, democrats, human rights defenders, women, children, young and old people, who on 25 June flocked to Düsseldorf from many places in Europe and gave a clear message of determination and solidarity."