KCDK-E calls on everyone to join demos for Shengal on Saturday

The KCDK-E called for strong participation in the actions to be organised for Shengal on 5 December.

In a written statement, the KCDK-E co-presidency Council said that "the reactions against the Baghdad and Hewler agreement, made upon orders by the Turkish state and supported by various powers, are increasing in all parts of Kurdistan and in the world and in Shengal itself."

The statement added: "The struggle to reclaim Shengal, for Shengal to gain status and protection against the occupation, continues, organised by all segments of society, women, children and the elderly.”

The statement reminded that the “Shengal Democratic Autonomous Council called on everyone to stand firmly against this agreement” and added that “the Iraqi government, which should take a step back thanks to the determined resistance of the people, did not withdraw its forces in the region deployed there with KDP forces. The occupation plan and threats, coordinated by the fascist Turkish state, continue. As long as the Yazidis are not able to govern themselves and gain a status, the danger continues to exist. The people of Shengal have stated that they will continue their resistance until the occupation and threats come to an end.”

Shengal everywhere, resistance everywhere

The KCDK-E called on everyone to "increase and turn into permanent the sensitivity shown for Shengal in Europe and many centers of the world. We call on our people and our friends to take action against the occupation and a possible new genocide in Shengal and to reclaim Shengal by saying 'Everywhere is Shengal, everywhere is resistance' in Europe, Canada, Australia and all over the world."