KCDK-E calls for participation in protests against Turkey’s use of chemical weapons

The European Kurdish Democratic Societies Congress criticised the international institutions that remain silent about Turkey’s war crimes and called for participation in the actions to be organized against use of chemical weapons.

The Co-Presidency Council of the European Kurdish Democratic Societies Congress (KCDK-E) released a written statement concerning the use of chemical weapons by the Turkish army in its war against guerrilla forces in Kurdistan.

“The invading Turkish state has failed in its attacks and thus adopted all unlawful and inhumane methods to achieve results. It commits war crimes by using chemical weapons in its ongoing dirty war in South Kurdistan,” the statement said.


“The Turkish state is systematically violating the ‘Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, Stockpiling and Use of Chemical Weapons and on their Destruction’ in South Kurdistan and other parts of Kurdistan.

The Turkish state, which uses chemical weapons in its war against freedom guerrillas, is encouraged by the silence of NATO and international institutions. Turkey, a NATO army, is waging a dirty war by not complying with international war standards.

Although the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), which is an international institution, has a duty to investigate the use of chemical weapons, it remains silent and turns a blind eye to this crime committed by the Turkish state. In fact, the OPCW is an intergovernmental organization. This organization has an important mission to identify and prohibit the use of chemical weapons. The OPCW is required to observe whether the member countries comply with the convention and carry out the necessary inspections and destruction of chemical weapons in the hands of the countries. As the KCDK-E, we urge this institution to carry out an investigation on the ground in question.

International forces entered Iraq in 2003 under the pretext of finding chemical weapons. The same international powers do not even move a muscle against the Turkish state's use of chemicals.

The freedom guerrillas who have been resisting for 5 months against all technological and chemical weapons used by the genocidal Turkish state are fighting for the dignity and rights of the people of Kurdistan.


The KCDK-E called attention to the actions to be staged against the use of chemical weapons.

“The Kurdish people and their friends will protest the Turkish state's use of chemical weapons in Kurdistan and the silence of the world by taking to the streets in Europe, Australia, Canada and several other locations on Wednesday, October 6th.

We invite everyone to participate in the action to be held in the Netherlands on October 6 at 14:00 in front of the OPCW.

As the KCDK-E, we call on the public to actively participate in the October 6 actions to protest the chemical weapons used by the Turkish state in Kurdistan and the silence of international institutions in all European countries, Australia and Canada.”