Jinên Tîrêjên Rojê targets fascists, police and drug traffickers in cities

Women’s initiative Jinên Tîrêjên Rojê announced the details of their latest actions in Turkey and North Kurdistan.

The Jinên Tîrêjên Rojê Initiative saluted the guerrilla resistance against the Turkish army and reported that they burned 13 vehicles and a factory and carried out a bomb attack on an armored vehicle in Amed, Istanbul and Kocaeli.

The Initiative said in a written statement that "We salute the Bazên Zagrosê (Hawks of Zagros) and Cenga Xabûr (Battle of Khabour) Revolutionary Campaigns and promise to enhance their resistance in the cities."

The Initiative called on people, especially young women, to join the guerrilla and listed the details of its latest actions as follows:

"On April 20, an action was carried against drug dealers in Amed's 5 Nisan neighborhood and a dealer named "Uso" was punished.

On April 21, an action was carried out against a house and workplace where drug trafficking was carried out in the Şeyh Şamil neighborhood of Bağlar district of Amed, and 2 people were punished.

On April 22, a bomb attack was carried out against an armored police vehicle in the Bağıvar neighborhood on the old road of Amed-Silvan. As the vehicle was toppled down, deaths and injuries of the enemy forces could not be detected.

On April 25, our units organized an action in a parking lot belonging to AKP members in Tuzla, Istanbul, and set 7 vehicles on fire and rendered them unusable.

On April 26, 6 luxury vehicles owned by AKP-MHP businessmen were set on fire in Beykoz, Istanbul and rendered unusable.

On April 26, a detergent production factory run by fascists was set on fire by our initiative in Dilovası, Kocaeli, and was rendered unusable."