HDP: The regime tries to save itself through artificial crises

HDP leaders Pervin Buldan and Mithat Sancar see the current "ambassadorial crisis" in Turkey as an artificial crisis with which the regime is trying to save itself and conceal the real crisis.

Erdoğan's call for the ambassadors of the United States, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Canada and New Zealand to be declared ‘persona non grata’ in Turkey is dominating the headlines internationally. HDP co-chairs Pervin Buldan and Mithat Sancar have issued a statement on the so-called "ambassador crisis," warning that Erdoğan's declaration will "further isolate Turkey internationally and lead to baseless conflicts and economic collapse." One indication that this thesis is correct is the fact that the Turkish lira hit another low after Erdoğan's statement and now stands at TL 11.36 against the euro.

"The treatment is incomprehensible’

The statement by HDP co-chair said, "The attempt to declare the ambassadors ‘persona non grata’ is a renewed expression of the inconsistency of Turkey's foreign policy and a means that countries normally rarely resort to, even during war. This action is contrary to the interests of the country's population. The countries concerned, apart from the United States, New Zealand and Canada, are states with which Turkey shares seats in the Council of Europe. In addition, Turkey has signed the European Convention on Human Rights. It is incomprehensible that the ambassadors of these countries are subjected to such treatment because they demand that Turkey comply with the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights on the release of Osman Kavala.

For a country that is in conflict with all its neighboring states, whose currency is constantly losing value, whose foreign debt has exceeded 400 billion, and an important part of whose resources goes to war and armaments, new enemies are what it least needs.

"Independence of the judiciary non-existent"

Independence and impartiality of the judiciary in Turkey no longer exists. The regime holds its political opponents hostage and its president has made it clear that it does not recognize the decisions of the Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights. At such a time, it is simply implausible to castigate the memory of international court rulings that are binding on the Turkish judiciary as interference with the independence of the judiciary.

"The impoverished population pays the price"

The regime is trying to extricate itself from its impasse through artificial crises. This step, which is being taken in preparation for the expulsion of the ambassadors, will lead the country into new impasses and accelerate the economic crisis and the devaluation of the lira. Eventually, the population will pay for it. If Turkey really wants to continue claiming to belong to the civilized world, the president can only remove the political obstacles to the implementation of ECtHR decisions.

The President is attempting to justify the unlawful detention of our former co-chairman through false, illegal and outrageous accusations against Selahattin Demirtaş and his wife Başak Demirtaş. We condemn this in the strongest possible terms. We reiterate that we will hold him accountable for his words before the public conscience and the law."