HDP and DTK: Gains will grow in 2020

HDP and DTK said that 2020 will be a year in which resistance and gains will grow and AKP-MHP will lose power.

The Democratic Party of Peoples (HDP) and the Democratic Society Congress (DTK) issued their new year message.


HDP co-chairs Pervin Buldan and Sezai Temelli issued a message saying that thousands of party members were still held hostage.

The message said: "This cruel and irresponsible government is no longer functioning. This corruption, lawlessness, injustice and persecution will be replaced by good days.

In this sense, the struggle we have given in the past years will rise in 2020. It will be a year in which those who dare to appoint a trustee to replace the political will of the Kurdish people will be sent to the dump of history.

Our party, which will convene the 4th Ordinary Congress in February 2020, to develop a common struggle of social and political opposition with its determined and committed stance in the field of democratic politics; it will continue to take the steps towards democratic change and the maturation of the political environment for a new democratic government.

We wish our people a year full of freedom, equality and peace."


The DTK pointed out that 2019 was a year of great crimes against humanity, a challenging and difficult year for all of humanity.

In the message, the DTK said that "2020 will be a year in which the alliance of freedom and democracy against AKP-MHP fascism will be strengthened and resistance will be raised.

2020 will be a year in which the spirit of national unity and efforts will be crowned by establishing an institutional framework."