HBDH Mazlum Doğan Militia claims responsibility for two actions in Istanbul

The HBDH Mazlum Doğan Militia said that they targeted and burned a "fascist repair shop" and a "boat manufacturing plant" in Istanbul on the occasion of "Heroes' Week".

In a written statement, the HBDH Mazlum Doğan Militia claimed responsibility for two actions carried out in Beyoğlu and Ümraniye.

The statement said: "On 20 March, we targeted a repair shop in Beyoğlu belonging to a fascist who we have been following for a long time. As a result of the successful action we carried out at around 03.30 at night, the repair shop was completely burned down. A public bus parked nearby also caught fire."

The statement added: "In addition, on the same day, 20 March, at noon, we targeted a boat manufacturing plant in Ümraniye. As a result of our action, the factory was burned down. Our militias successfully left the scene after the actions."