Hamburg, Kassel and Giessen say stop Turkish invasion attempt

Kurds and their friends protesting the invasion and genocide attacks carried out by the Turkish state against Northern and Eastern Syria in Hamburg, Kassel and Giessen in Germany.

Dozens of demos have been held in Germany to protest the Turkish invasion attacks against Northern and Eastern Syria. 


The invasion attacks of the Turkish state against Northern and Eastern Syria were protested in Hamburg with a rally attended by tens of thousands of people.

The rally reached the Hamburg State Assembly. Die Linke executives, SPD and Green Party deputies joined the march as well as Kurds, Germans and Assyrians.


Kurds and their friends living in and around Kassel took to the streets once again to protest the invading Turkish state.

The protest march organized by the youth branches of Die Linke began at Scheidemannplatz and was joined by MLPD, Socialist German Worker Youth (SDAJ) Antifa Kassel, Socialist Youth Falcons (SJD-Die Falken), Green Party Youth Branches (Grüne Jugend) SPD Youth Branches (Jusos), DİDİF, Socialist Alternative Group SAV) and the Peace Forum (Fridensforum).


A protest was also held in Giessen. Activists protested the Turkish invasion attempts of Northern and Eastern Syria as well as the use of chemical weapons.