Halime, hold on!

The latest drone attack in Rojava targeted Halime Mihemed Osman, spokeswoman for the Sara Organisation for Combating Violence against Women. Our author Nûdem Derya sees the attack as the Turkish state's fear of women's strength.

Thursday evening, April 18, 2024: We sit together as women and talk about the history that was written by men. We discuss how we can bring out women's history.

This evening, celebrations were taking place all over the region to mark the anniversary of the KJK, the global social self-organization of the Kurdish women's movement.  A structure that has made a major contribution in recent years to making Kurdish women visible and strengthening them against colonial violence from outside and within.

One of us looks at her phone and sees that another car in Kobane was attacked. An hour ago we were talking about how things are supposedly calm and safe right now, and that many women we know are in danger every day.

At midnight, I also switch on my phone. 35 messages on the WhatsApp group of the women's organization Sara, with which I work. Every day we fight for women's rights, on the basis of the social contract and family laws in democratic self-government here.

A short time later we know: The attack was aimed at Halime Osman and her husband. 

Both were traveling in their car when the vehicle burst into flames.

The parents of five children are now in the hospital. It's a miracle they're alive. The car is completely burned out.

Halime goes to the women in Kobane whenever there is a problem, early in the morning and late in the evening. Even before the revolution, she and many other people in Kobane organized themselves against the Baathist regime. In the fight against Daesh, she sent her children out of the city and took part in the defense with her husband.

For many years, she has been working primarily for the rights of women in Kobane, for three years on the board of Sara, and as a spokesperson since September 2023.

Last night, the Turkish state showed once again that it does not accept the strength of women.

That he is afraid of it.

Sara's board today states: “We know that the liberation, development and progress of women means the development and progress of society. They stand for an end to war and unrest and for the creation of peace and democracy. This is why struggling women are targeted.”

This morning, all the women from the social organizations are coming together. It's a Friday, a holiday, but that doesn't matter.  We are angry together, we discuss things, we make a statement. We stand together.

Halime, hold on, you've already shown so much strength, you'll be able to do this too!