Group from Darmstadt takes over vigil for Öcalan in Strasbourg

After the brutal police attack last weekend in Strasbourg, the permanent vigil for the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan is continued by four activists from Darmstadt.

The 485th week of the vigil for Abdullah Öcalan has begun in Strasbourg. The permanent vigil is organized every week by new groups from all over Europe. This week, four activists from Darmstadt traveled to the scene of action near the Council of Europe and the headquarters of the Anti-Torture Committee (CPT) to demand the lifting of Öcalan's isolation and his freedom. The Darmstadt group includes Nadir Bingöl, Zekiye Aktaş, Selim Oğan and Fevzi Özçelik.

Speaking on behalf of the group, Nadir Bingöl kicked off the event by saying that he considers it a shame that Abdullah Öcalan has been imprisoned for almost 23 years and, cut off from the outside world, and cannot contribute to a peaceful solution to the Kurdish question. Bingöl condemned the police attack on the protest camp of the "Freedom for Ocalan" action group last Saturday in Strasbourg and said that by brutally attacking a peaceful protest action, France has shown who the partners are in the international plot against the Kurdish freedom movement.

Nadir Bingöl, spokesman for the Darmstadt group, said that the Kurdish people are confronted with the fact that Europe is violating its own principles and is silent about the crimes of the Turkish state. "Freedom can only be fought for. “Without lifting the isolation of Abdullah Öcalan and without his release, the Kurdish question cannot be solved. The Kurds are central subjects in the development process taking place in the Middle East. Europe must finally face up to the Kurdish demands. For the Kurds it is obligatory to be permanently in action against the occupation by the Turkish state and the isolation torture to which Abdullah Öcalan is exposed,” he concluded.