Global campaign: We will force the Erdoğan regime to open the doors of Imrali!

The Global Campaign for the Freedom of Abdullah Öcalan, announcing the second phase of the campaign launched on October 10, said, "We will definitely force the Erdoğan regime to open the doors of Imrali Prison, where President Apo is imprisoned."

The second phase of the global campaign launched on October 10, 2023, demanding freedom for Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan and a political solution to the Kurdish question, has been launched in Cologne today. The first phase of the campaign was announced on October 10 by friends of the Kurdish people with press conferences and various events in more than 100 cities around the world.

During the press conference, it was announced that the second phase will run from March 1 to May 1.

KCDK-E (Congress of Democratic Communities of Kurdistan in Europe), which is part of the Global Campaign for the Freedom of Abdullah Öcalan, made the following statement at a press conference organized by the spokespersons of the campaign:

"As KCDK-E, together with all our organizations and partners, we have participated in the 'Freedom for Leader Abdullah Öcalan, Political Solution to the Kurdish Question' campaign launched last year around the world. On October 10, 2023, together with the friends of our people's struggle for freedom, we determined the joining of our forces as our main task.

We express our respect, love and gratitude to the thousands of activists around the world, on five continents, in 93 countries and 185 cities, and in the persons of our dear friends Sarah Glynn, Thoreau Redcrow and Jörk Detjen, three excellent spokespersons of this campaign.

You have shown that Abdullah Öcalan and the Kurdish people's struggle for freedom is not only ours, but also your leader, your comrade and your own struggle. Because you have shown us that we are not alone, we have gained a lot of strength and morale. You have reminded us once again that International Solidarity is the most basic human duty. We take this opportunity to salute the struggle for freedom of the Palestinian and Baloch people, who have faced a brutal cycle of violence and genocide in recent months.

As you know, this global campaign started on October 10 with press conferences in 105 cities. On December 10, World Human Rights Day, it continued with the reading of Leader Öcalan's books, dozens of international conferences were organized and hundreds of thousands of postcards were sent to İmralı Island. Most recently, on the anniversary of our national day of mourning on February 15, 1999, the day President Apo was taken into captivity, we held a magnificent rally in this city, Cologne, with the participation of all our European assemblies, tens of thousands of our people and friends.

Our rally, which took place in the atmosphere of a freedom carnival, once again showed the Kurdish people's will for peace and freedom to everyone, friend and foe alike. We would also like to thank the administration and security services of the city of Cologne for their legal sensitivity and friendship. The rally in Cologne sent very important messages to the Council of the European Union, especially to Germany. To repeat once again, the EU Commission, Chancellor Scholz and Foreign Minister Baerbock must play their role in opening the Imrali gates if they do not want to be more complicit in the sins of the Erdoğan regime. It is absolutely unacceptable that the Social Democrats and the Green government tolerate this fascist regime!

Dear friends

In the evaluation meetings we held at the invitation of our friends organizing global action, we defined the work we have done so far as the first phase of this global campaign.

What is essential and more important is the phase 2 work we will do from today, March 1 onwards. We will definitely force the Erdogan regime to open the gates of Imrali Prison where President Apo is imprisoned. We will expose this dirty, cruel and anti-people Erdoğan regime to the whole world.

From today onwards, we will celebrate and commemorate March 8, International Working Women's Day, March 21, Newroz, March 28, National Heroism Day, April 4, President Apo's birthday, the birthday of free Kurdish women and people, May 1, International Workers' Day, focusing on this global campaign, with millions of people in the streets shouting the slogan 'Freedom for President Apo, Political Solution to the Kurdish Question'.

Finally, on the occasion of the local elections in the country, we call on all our people to participate in this global campaign for freedom in the most selfless and active way. We thank you and wish you all success."