French, Kurdish, Turkish, Tamil, Armenian institutions condemn France's silence on fascists attacks

French, Kurdish, Turkish, Tamil and Armenian institutions issued a joint declaration condemning the silence of the French government regarding the fascist attacks in Lyon.

In a joint declaration published in the newspaper l'Humanite, French, Kurdish, Turkish, Tamil and Armenian institutions condemned the silence of the French government in the attack of the fascist gray wolves against the Kurdish association in Lyon, France.

The joint declaration said: “The silence of the French government on the Gray Wolves' attack on the Kurdish association in Lyon reinforces the Turkish intervention.

On Saturday, April 3, around 14:30, 20 members of the Bozkurt formation raided the Lyon Mesopotamia Cultural Association building.

Masked people violently attacked association members with iron bars and knives. Four people were injured, two of them seriously.”

The statement added: “This was the second attack by fascist Islamist Turks on the Kurdish association in Lyon in two weeks. Erdogan's mob is attacking especially Kurds and Armenians in French territory, but they mean an attack on all opposition groups in general.

The French government announced that after a series of attacks against the Armenian community in Lyon and Dijon, it would recommend that the "Gray Wolves" be dissolved. However, fascist-Islamist Turkish gangs continue their attacks on French soil in complete impunity.”

The aim is to create chaos

The statement continued: “We strongly condemn these racist attacks that aim at creating a climate of chaos, tension and hatred in France. Those who carried out these attacks and those behind them should be tried and judged.

We call on the French civil society to be vigilant and in solidarity against the attacks against Kurds and all groups opposing the nationalist and Islamist regime.

We call on the French government and authorities to take action against these dangerous attacks and take serious measures so that this extreme violent formation, guided by the Turkish regime, does not cause further damage to French soil."

First signatories are as follows:

Democratic Kurdish Council of France (CDK-F)

Lyon Mesopotamia Cultural Association

French Kurdish Women's Movement (TJK-F)

Coordination Council of the French Armenian Associations (CCAF)

Daniel Mitterrand Foundation

Kurdistan National Solidarity Coordination (CNSK)

Human Rights League (LDH)

Research and Solidarity Initiatives Center (CEDETIM)

Initiative for Another World (IPAM)

Ealam Tamil House Association

Citizens of Turkish Origin (ACCORT)

Movement Against Racism and Friendship Between People (MRAP)

SOS Racisme

Peace Movement

Lyon and Rhône-Alpes Kurdish friendship association

Brittany Kurdish Friendship Association (AKB)

Solidarity & Provence Freedom Association

France-Kurdistan Solidarity Association

Kurdish Friendship Iseroise Association

Alsace Kurdish Friendship Association

Sarthois Association for a Humane World

French Communist Party (PCF)

Left Party

European Green Party of Ecology (EELV)

Liberal Communist League (UCL)

New Anti-Capitalist Party (NPA)