Free Öcalan campaign to be presented in Cantabria

The Free Öcalan campaign will be presented in Cantabria on 22 March. The event can be followed live on Youtube.


In the context of the celebrations of Newroz, the Kurdish new year and herald of spring, the Free Öcalan international campaign will be presented in Cantabria on 22 March. 

The event is promoted by the trade union STEC and can be followed live on YouTube and will start at 7.30pm. The presentation will be made by an activist of Rojava Azadi Madrid, and a unionist from the Confederación Intersindical.

Presenting the event, the organizers underlined that "it is carried out within the framework of the international campaign Freedom for Öcalan, a political solution to the Kurdish question that unites social movements, political parties, communities, unions, activists, intellectuals, millions of Kurds and sympathizers around the world around a common goal: to make possible a just and democratic political solution to the centuries-old Kurdish question of Turkey, allowing the participation of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan in a renewed dialogue."

Since his kidnapping in 1999, Kurdish political leader Abdullah Öcalan has been held in solitary confinement on a Turkish prison island, a state of total and absolute isolation, without contact with the outside world for years, in violation of Turkish law and international agreements against solitary confinement, incommunicado detention and torture.