FED-KURD holds its congress in Berlin

Speaking at the FED-KURD Congress, KON-MED co-chair said that they will increase the fight for Abdullah Öcalan's freedom and that they will also show solidarity with Kurdish refugees.

The East German Federation of Free Kurdistan (FED-KURD) held its mid-term congress with the participation of federation components, co-chairs and delegates.

The congress started with a minute’s silence in memory of the Kurdistan Freedom Martyrs.

KON-MED co-chair Ruken Akça made a speech evaluating the political process and the importance of the work in the coming period.

Akça pointed out the need for mass and decisive actions as Kurdish people living abroad to break the absolute isolation imposed on Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan and ensure his physical freedom, and added: "Abdullah Öcalan was arrested as a result of the cooperation of global powers. The isolation imposed for 25 years has turned into uninterrupted torture for the last 3 years. All institutions and states responsible for Abdullah Öcalan's captivity are partners in the isolation policy implemented today. As the Kurdish people and their friends, we state that we want Abdullah Öcalan's freedom and that we will be in the streets all over the world for his freedom. For this reason, we will take more decisive actions and discourses.”

Akça said: “Even if the Kurds expelled from Kurdistan see Europe as a way out, we see that attacks against Kurdish refugees are increasing and suicides are taking place. We must show solidarity with the refugees who came here to frustrate the Turkish state's project to empty Kurdistan."

After the activity reports were read at the congress, discussions were held and suggestions were made.