FARC denounces increase in violence against former guerrillas

The FARC party ratified its "determination in keep working for national peace and reconciliation."

The Alternative Revolutionary People's Force party (FARC) issued a press release to denounce the violence increase against former guerrillas.

In the press release FARC leaders pointed out the "increasing threats and attacks against 187 former guerrilla members and more than 30 relatives, alongside the displacement of dozen of families."

The party also acknowledged some recent dispositions of the Congress of the Republic in its peace commissions about the current situation of the ex-guerrilla fighters and their families, specifically on their security during the reincorporation process. 

Those guarantees are the responsibility of the High-Level Commission, a group who was requested to establish a dialogue with--with the purpose of exchange concerns and possible solutions towards this topic.

The FARC claimed a revision of the situation in the southern municipality of Algeciras where, similarly to the northwestern region of Ituando, former guerrillas' members lack guarantees for their permanence in the territory. In Ituando at least 120 families were displaced because of government inaction on illicit crops.

Human rights organizations described Colombian President Ivan Duque's administration as irresponsible for not implementing the peace agreements to solve the situation.

In the press release, the FARC party also pointed out the responsibility in the accomplishment of the Peace Agreements, as their non-compliance would jeopardize peace in Colombia.

The FARC party ratified its "determination in keep working for national peace and reconciliation."