European Parliament hosts a conference and exhibition on Rojava

The European Parliament in Belgium capital Brussels has hosted a conference and photography exhibition on West Kurdistan, titled “Rojava model for a democratic and fair society'”.

The European Parliament in Belgium capital Brussels has hosted a conference and photography exhibition on West Kurdistan, titled “Rojava model for a democratic and fair society'”.

Organized by the European United Left, the conference was attended by member of the German Bundestag Ulla Jelpke, Austrian political scientist Thomas Schmidinger as well as MEPs Sabine Lösing and Cornelia Ernst.

Following the conference during which Paris attacks were also condemned, photographs by Birgit Haubner taken in Rojava were exhibited.


Speaking at the conference, member of the German Bundestag Ulla Jelpke put emphasis on the ongoing battle of Kurds against ISIS, the most barbaric organisation in the world.

Calliing attention to the models implemented in Qamishlo, Efrîn and Kobanê cantons of Rojava, Jelpke described this building of a new life as a revolution that is led by women and serves the co-existence of peoples.

"The people there are fighting the ISIS on one hand, and building a new system on the other hand. All the peoples are living together. Yet, they face many problems such as a lack of job and universities. The reconstruction there needs solidarity and an international campaign of support."

Remarking that ISIS members cross into Rojava through Turkey, Jelpke said Europe and Germany in the first place must put pressure on Turkey to close its borders to the ISIS gangs.

Also touching upon the matter of self-rule in North Kurdistan, Jelpke said; "The Turkish state has laid siege to Silvan, Cizre and Nusaybin where civilian people are being murdered continuously. An urgent end must be brought to the current situation."


Austrian political scientist Thomas Schmidinger, writer of the latest book “War and Revolution in Syrian Kurdistan: Voices and Analysis from Rojava”, told about his observations from Rojava which he has visited often recently.

Thomas Schmidinger drew attention to the major accomplishment gained by YPG and YPJ in the battle against ISIS, and called for worldwide solidarity with Rojava.

The conference was followed by an exhibition of photographs taken by Birgit Hauber in Rojava in 2014. Hauber who handles the subjects of resistance, life and reconstruction in the exhibited photographs, has so far visited many areas in Rojava, photographing the social themes in the war-torn region.