Did the Turkish state withdraw MİT operatives within ISIS?

ISIS receiving deadly blows in Syria and Iraq has created panic in Ankara. Reports say the MİT operatives guiding ISIS are being withdrawn. Other reports claim some of these people who know about the relationship between Turkey and ISIS have been executed

The AKP used to oppose even the shifting of the Iraqi army to Tal Afar, but now they have issued a congratulatory message for the operation. There is believed to be many MİT operatives among the gang members who surrendered during the operation. The gang members who surrendered but were not MİT operatives are believed to be executed so they wouldn’t expose the intelligence relationship between the MİT, KDP and ISIS.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haydar Abadi had officially announced the launch of the operation to take Tal Afar back from ISIS on August 20. The operation was carried out by the Iraqi army and the Heshdi Shabi. As the Mosul operation continued, the Iraqi army shifted part of the army to a region close to Tal Afar and the AKP government and their press had strongly protested, claiming that “the Shia could carry out a Turkmen massacre in Tal Afar”.

But neither the AKP government nor their pool media objected to the Tal Afar operation. And, the Turkish Foreign Ministry issued a statement: “We are glad that the military operation to liberate Tal Afar that launched on August 20 has concluded successfully. Our Turkmen kinsmen have had a dense population throughout history in Tal Afar which was under terrorist organization ISIS invasion since June 2014.”


Iraqi Prime Minister Haydar Abadi announced on August 31 that Tal Afar had been completely cleared of ISIS. So, the villages and the center of Tal Afar had been “cleared” in a very short time, 10 days, and without serious resistance. In the footage released to the press, hundreds of ISIS members were seen surrendering to the peshmerga in the Zumar region. Also according to the press, there were many Turkish citizens among the surrendering gang members.

Various states have snuck in their intelligence agents in to the dozens of organizations in the field. There are articles in the press almost every day that the US, Germany, UK and other western countries are carrying out special operations to rescue their intelligence agents within these organizations. Terrorists from around the world used to be transported to Syria over Turkey. Brett McGurk commenting on the Al Qaeda administrators transported to Idlib, “They sure didn’t drop from the sky with parachutes”, and thus pointing out Turkey’s responsibility is confirmation for this.


Turkey had carried out this large scale gang member transport through their intelligence agents within said gangs. You can still remember the footage which showed ISIS members crossing over to the Turkish side when the Syrian Forces (SDF) held an operation on Girê Spî (Tal Abyad) laughing among the soldiers. Similarly, the same ISIS that attacked Kobanê meeting with soldiers on the border in broad daylight. This has gone on record in the courts as a result of legal wiretapping and the extent of the communication is known in the records of talks between ISIS members and Turkish intelligence officials.

The ISIS members who surrendered to the peshmerga can somehow reach their families over the phone. They can even demand Turkey go and retrieve them. For example, Turkish citizen and ISIS member Orhan Sazak called his family and demanded the Turkish authorities rescue them and his father had demanded he be allowed to take advantage of repentance laws.


Because most probably most of the gang members who surrendered to the (KDP) peshmerga in Tal Afar are MİT members. It is already known that there are dozens of TAF bases and MİT headquarters in the same region. It is probable that the ISIS members affiliated with the MİT went to these units and surrendered. In the footage served on social media on August 30 with a Rudaw watermark, dozens of bodies of executed ISIS members in various locations were shown as “ISIS members killed in clashes”. But there were no clashes in the Zumar region on August 30 that resulted in dozens of ISIS deaths. The bodies were stacked on top of each other, their arms were tied on their backs, and many of them did not have their fatigues on. It is believed that the gang members who surrendered to the KDP peshmergas and Turkish intelligence but weren’t MİT members themselves were executed so they wouldn’t talk about the intelligence relationship between MİT, KDP and ISIS. It is possible that in the very near future, the MİT members who infiltrated ISIS will be brought back to Turkey to wait for their next assignment.

Was the “exchange of prisoners” clause in the Statutory Decree issued by the AKP on August 26 as the Tal Afar operation continued added so the MİT-affiliated ISIS gangs would be delivered to Turkey? Because if this clause was meant for “FETÖ” suspects, it shouldn’t have taken this long.