Demonstration for Öcalan in front of the CPT on its third day

With hundreds of participants calling for an urgent meeting with Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan, the sit-in in front of the CPT building is continuing.

With hundreds of participants calling for an urgent meeting with Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan, the sit-in in front of the CPT building is continuing. Representatives of many movements, institutions and parties from Turkey are expressing their support.

The sit-in had begun on Sunday with an appeal to the CPT to see Öcalan on Imrali and inform the Kurdish people concerning the speculations about him.

While the demonstration is continuing on its third day, many activities were conducted yesterday. During an open-air conference joined by Gorran parliamentarian Dr. Sergo Hema and Kongra-Gel Co-chair Remzi Kartal, the protesters were able to pose questions on the latest developments.

Walking to the building of the Council of Europe, the protesters shouted slogans for the freedom of Öcalan.


Dozens of European organizations of Kurds, Turks and other Middle Eastern peoples and faith groups came together with hundreds of people to express their support for the demonstration.

Safak Arabaci, who spoke on behalf of the European Confederation of Oppressed Migrants (Aveg-Con), recalled their support for the freedom of Öcalan.

Pointing out that the Kurdish people's struggle is their own, Arabaci said "we are the comrades of the heroes, who are fighting in Rojava against ISIS".

Stating that it is the same mentality that surrendered Öcalan to the Turkish state that is now causing injustice today, Arabaci expressed that these forces cannot obtain any result by causing these concerns to the Kurdish people.

"We know what high price the Kurds are paying for decades and that almost every family has a martyr", said Arabaci, and elaborated that they defend the struggle of Kurdish women in particular.

Underlining that the common struggle will continue, Arabaci expressed the hope to get information about Öcalan's health soon.

Proclaiming that victory will be of the Kurds and those, who defend their struggle, Arabaci made an appeal to all democratic and revolutionary groups to participate in their common struggle.


About 300 people came together on the second day of the sit-in, demanding the CPT to urgently visit Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan on Imrali and make a statement about his situation, and the Council of Europe to fulfill its institutional responsibilities on this issue.

The sit-in, supported by dozens of Kurdish organizations from Europe, and representatives of the Southern Kurdistan Parties PUK and Gorran called for the CPT to form a committee for this topic.

Either joined or at least supported by many Kurdish and Turkish public figures, the sit-in will continue until the CPT takes action.

On its second day, the sit-in brought people over 300 together from all over Europe, mainly Germany, France and Switzerland. Among the protesters were representatives of organizations and parties from Turkey.

Members of the Southern Kurdistan Parliament, who joined the demonstration, many public figures either joined or expressed their support for the action as well. Among these people are Hatip Dicle, member of the Imrali Delegation, HDP deputies Tugba Hezer and Faysal Sariyildiz, Cizre Co-Major Leyla Imret, Peace academics Cetin Gürer and Engin Sustam, writer Ahmet Nesin, journalists Veysi Sarisözen and Filiz Kocali, writer Aziz Tunc, politician Mahir Sayin from the 68-movement, and Öcalan's lawyer Mahmut Sakar.