Crisis Desk announces the death toll: 3 dead and 402 wounded

According to the Crisis Desk report, 3 people died and 402 people got injured in Amed massacre. 16 of the wounded are still in critical condition.

Democratic Society Congress (DTK) Health Assembly, SES and Amed Chamber of Medicine formed a crisis desk after the attack on HDP rally in Amed and made public their report on the death toll and number of people injured during the blasts. According to the report, 3 people died and 402 people got injured in Amed massacre. 16 of the wounded are still in critical condition.

SES former Branch President Hülya Alökmen Uyanık shared the crisis desk report with the public and stated that the first blast happened at 17:55, which followed by the second explosion at 17:59.


Uyanık stated that volunteer medics and civilians were the first ones to intervene and help the people who were injured. Majority of the injured were taken to hospitals in civilian cars because ambulances did not arrive at the crime scene for half an hour. Uyanık emphasized that the police’s teargas attack also created panic, delayed the arrival of first aid, and increased the number of people who were injured.

Uyanık said that 50 years-old Necati Kurul lost his life at the crime scene and Şeyhmus Kaçan died in the emergency unit of Dicle University Medical Faculty. Ramazan Yıldız fell from an elevated platform near where the bomb exploded and lost his life in the hospital where he was treated.

Uyanık stated that many disconnected limbs were found at the crime scene and 12 people were amputated after the explosions. 5 people are in critical condition and receive respiratory treatment at Dicle University Medical Faculty. 19 people are awaiting operations for their broken bones at the same institution.


Uyanık stated that 140 of the 402 people who were injured require hospitalization and 16 people are still in critical condition. 3 people lost their lives after the explosion and 259 received ambulatory treatment. Many people who were injured also suffered from second degree burns and steel marbles which functioned as shrapnels.

Uyanık criticized the decision taken by the police and 112 administrators to collect the disconnected limbs found at the crime scene despite their warnings because this rushed-decision still makes it difficult to identify which organ belongs to which individual. Uyanık also criticized the lack of 112 ambulances at the rally area despite previous applications for this presence, and said that they will file a complaint about this negligence.