Conference on Iran: "The solution is democratic confederalism"

In the Iran and Rojhilat conference held in the EP, participants stated that the way out of the crisis is the founding of the democratic federalism system through the common efforts of the people.

A conference titled “The Democratic Solution Vision for the Crisis in Iran and the Middle East” has been held in the European Parliament (EP) in Belgian capital Brussels on Thursday.

Martina Michels from the EP’s Left Group gave the opening speech in the conference. Michels said they as a group are working for a solution to the Kurdish issue in the Middle East and continued: “We are working for a democratic Middle East and a solution to the Kurdish issue. We want Kurds to secure their rights in Iran, Turkey, Syria and Iraq. The popular uprising in Iran and the objection to unemployment and poverty are important. We as a group support the Kurds securing their rights and we show solidarity. Especially in Iran. All peoples including Kurds, women and all societal groups should have their rights. Iran should abandon these policies and become free and democratic.”


Chairperson of US-based Iran Democracy Association Kenneth R. Timmerman spoke about the history of the regime in Iran and pointed out that the peoples had lived under oppression throughout history. Timmerman harshly criticized the Iranian regime and continued by saying, “The continuation of this regime is no longer legitimate. Democracy and freedoms must be ensured as soon as possible. The movement of objection today show this too. This objection isn’t just in Tehran and a couple other provinces, it is present throughout the country. Kurds, Azeris, Balochs and every social group is bothered and objecting. For the first time, Persians and all peoples and groups have come together on one issue and are defending freedom and democracy against the regime. Kurds, Azeris, Balochs and everybody should have their rights, they should have education, their own culture and freedom. This is an inalienable right. And it must be implemented.”

Kenneth R. Timmerman said the Iranian state is the strictest Islamic regime and added that the PJAK should be removed from the US terror list and be supported.


After the opening speech, the conference continued with the session titled “History of Humankind in the Middle East and Iran”.

Ghazal Aliyali and Mohbobeh Meshkin moderated the session and the first presentation was given by Arab woman’s activist Mona Sielafi. Sielafi pointed out the history of peoples in Iran and stated that the peoples live under oppression.

“Like other peoples, Arabs also suffer under oppression. Everything is ran by the central government in Tehran. Oil and natural resources are confiscated through large companies. We can in no way benefit from the resources on our own lands. We are not allowed to pick dates even. That is why the villagers have to leave their lands and immigrate,” said Sielafi and added that this oppression needs to end.

Sielafi said, “For a democratic, free and just country, rights of all peoples must be recognized. All groups should live their language and culture freely.”


Prof. Abbas Vali from Istanbul’s Bosphorus University gave a presentation on the Kurdish issue in Iran.

Vali said the Persian culture has hegemony over all peoples in Iran and pointed out the conditions the Kurds live under, stating that they live under oppression even though they are a native people of the region. Prof. Abbas Vali continued: “Kurds, Azeris, Balochs and all groups should come together. All should object to this ideology and hegemonic single language and culture, all should have the democracy and freedoms to express themselves. Kurds and all peoples should ensure their rights and these rights should have guarantees. For that, everything should be written down in laws. The current regime should be changed and the new laws to be made should not be based on a single language, culture, influence or sect. They should be democratic, pluralistic and embracing.


Azeri political activist Farhad Basharat stated that the Iranian regime keeps 82 million people in the country under oppression and added: “Among these people are the oldest people in the region, the Azeris, and they are under immense pressure. Their language and culture is threatened and they are facing extinction today. The fascist countries of the region, Iran, Turkey and Iraq should recognize the rights of the people. They will either recognize the rights of the peoples or face destruction. There are no issues among the peoples of the region. The source of the issues is the Iranian regime and its oppressive policies against the peoples. That is why in this new era the time of the nation state is past. There can’t be a solution through nation states in a region where many diverse peoples live together. The solution lies through the democratic confederalism system. The Rojava example is clear and open testimony to that. That is why the solution for Iran is the democratic confederalism system proposed by Abdullah Öcalan as well.”

Basharat also criticized the isolation imposed upon Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan and expressed his wishes that Öcalan achieve his freedom.