Commemoration of Ibrahim Kaypakkaya attacked by police in Istanbul

In Istanbul, police attacked a memorial rally for Ibrahim Kaypakkaya and all revolutionaries killed in May, violently detaining at least 15 people.

Turkish police attacked a rally organised by the United Youth Councils in Istanbul for revolutionary leader Ibrahim Kaypakkaya and the others martyred in May. The youth councils wanted to make a statement in front of the Süreyya Opera House in the district of Kadiköy. As they unfurled a banner reading "Ibrahim Kaypakkaya and the May Martyrs are Immortal," they were attacked by police. As the group shouted, “Revolutionary will does not surrender", at least 15 were brutally detained. Journalists were prevented by the police from filming the events.

Ibrahim Kaypakkaya was one of the leaders of the revolutionary movement in Turkey and was tortured to death in Amed (Diyarbakir) Prison on May 18, 1973.