CDK-F and TJK-F call on Kurds to attend demos to mark 15 August

CDK-F and TJK-F called on Kurds living in France to participate in the protests organised under the slogan "Defend Kurdistan with free leadership, free identity, democratic autonomy" to mark the 38th anniversary of the 15 August (1984) Initiative.

Kurds will be demonstrating in French cities to mark the 38th anniversary of the 15 August Initiative. A written statement was made by the French Democratic Kurdish Council (CDK-F) and the French Kurdish Women's Movement (TJK-F).

The statement noted that 15 August meant the resurrection of the Kurdish people, and added: “It is time to reclaim the values ​​created by the 38-year struggle. We once again commemorate all the martyrs, as well as Leader Apo and in the person of Egîd, the immortal commander who led the breakthrough. The 15 August Initiative is a response to all kinds of liquidation policies, as well as a symbol of resistance along the Apoist line and the passion for freedom. For this reason, August is the month of breakthrough and victory in the history of the Kurdish people. Because the process that started with the actions of Eruh and Şemdinli on 15 August 1984 against the fascist-military regime of 12 September 1980, was a revolutionary guerrilla breakthrough and victory.”

The statement continued: “38 years later, on the anniversary of such a breakthrough, while the isolation conditions on Leader Apo are aggravated, the relentless war against the Kurdish people continues in all directions. It is time to take to the streets, to defend Kurdistan, to support actions with the slogan of free leadership, free identity and democratic autonomy, with the spirit of 15 August. We call on all Kurds living in France to take part in the actions and activities to be held to mark 15 August."

Activities start on 13 August

Actions across France will be launched from 13 August. The action, which is to be held at the Gare Du Nord in Paris on 13 August at 5pm, will end with a rally in Stalingrad square. Likewise, actions and events will take place in the cities of Marseille, Rennes, Bordeaux and Strasbourg.