Balance sheet of the 'Operation Wrath of Euphrates' for 10 days

167 ISIS members were killed and 34 villages were liberated during the first 10 days of the 'Operation Wrath of Euphrates'.

Wrath of Euphrates Operation Room has announced the balance sheet of the military campaign for 10 days with a press statement.

The statement said the followings:

"The Operation Wrath of Euphrates was launched to liberate Raqqa with two groups moving in from Ayn Îsa and Silûk towns on November 5 night.

During the first 10 days of the campaign, our forces encircled the gangs in an area of 12 km wide, 46 km long and 550 km2. This area was liberated entirely.

34 villages and 31 hamlets were liberated from ISIS gangs following clashes, in addition to 7 strategic hills.

Names of the liberated villages are: El-qetah, El-Leqta, Xelef El-Beg, Şêx Deham, Siran, Şêx Hesen, Xinêz Foqanî, Xinêz Westanî, Hayîs, El-Xidir, Corih, Um Sifa, Ebdulhadî, Celîl, El-Heyderiye, Molihyan, Moteqtele, Ketle, El-Ebdelah, Qermoh, El-Erac, Tel Doban, El-Îşe, El-Xitwan, , El-Hineyan, Nayîf, El-Wehîd and Hizrayat.

Names of the liberated hills are: El-Soran, Minbetih, Şahan, El-Mifteş, Recêl and Hayîs.

One power and water station operating in this area were also cleansed of gang groups.

During the 10 days of clashes, 167 ISIS members were killed and bodies of 34 were seized, while 4 others were captured alive.

12 bomb-laden cars were destroyed by our forces before reaching their targets.

In addition, 14 military vehicles, 8 DshK machine guns, 4 rocket launchers, 6 trucks, 6 mortar shells and 8 motorcycles were also destroyed.

240 mines planted by gangs were defused and a large quantity of ammunition was seized in addition to many light and heavy weapons.

4 fighters were wounded during clashes.

Our investigation regarding the claims of civilian deaths during the fighting continues and the outcomes will be shared with the public.

The return of civilians back home will be enabled once the mine-clearing activities in liberated villages are completed.

Our offensive will continue until ISIS gangs are entirely encircled.