Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria delegation meets Swiss senators

A delegation from the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria met with members of the Swiss Senate.


Swiss parliamentarians condemned Turkish aggression against North and East Syria during a meeting with representatives of the region's Autonomous Democratic Administration of North and East Syria (AANES).

The delegation met with Swiss parliamentarians and senators in Bern to discuss pressing issues facing the region in the context of Turkish aggression. The meeting, which is part of AANES' ongoing diplomatic efforts, saw Abdulkarim Omar, European representative of the Autonomous Administration, and Medea Hassan, co-chair of its Swiss representation, meet with key members of the Swiss Parliament, including Socialist Party senator Carlo Sommaruga and deputies Lawrence Fellmann Riel, Fabian Molina and Claudia Friedel.

During the meeting, Omar provided an overview of AANES, highlighting its commitment to a democratic and decentralized Syria through inclusive governance and gender equality. He highlighted the existential threats posed by Turkish military activities, which have systematically targeted critical infrastructure, leading to widespread deprivation of essential services for millions of people. Omar's call for international accountability for what he called war crimes was backed by a call for urgent aid to rehabilitate damaged infrastructure and alleviate the humanitarian crisis exacerbated by Turkish aggression.

Swiss deputies have expressed support for the security and stability of North and East Syria, recognizing the sacrifices made in the battle against the Islamic State. They expressed a clear stance against Turkish attacks, condemning the targeting of civilian infrastructure and civilian livelihoods, and highlighted the responsibility of the international community in addressing these concerns.