Attack on HDP election office in Osmaniye

HDP election was attacked and damaged in Osmaniye, which HDP said is a provocation.

Armed attack by unidentified assailant(s) targeted the election office of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) in Karaboyun neighborhood of Osmaniye city.

11 bullets hit the office, causing material damage.

According to reports, the police, following an examination at scene, said that the attack was carried out by suspects driving a motorcycle with arms, at around 05:30 Tuesday morning.

While the investigation into the attack continues, HDP Osmaniye provincial branch released a statement and condemned the attack.

HDP provincial branch co-chair Ali Coşkun spoke in front of the election office and said; “We condemn this attack which we know is a continuation of the Suruç incident. Such provocations will continue as the elections near. Still, we will not respond to any provocation at any cost. Let’s give the best response at the polls on June 24.”

Attacks against the HDP have remarkably increased during the past days in parallel with the threats uttered by the ruling party leader and Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan.