AKP’s never-ending opening ceremonies in Van

The AKP government has made a habit out of holding opening ceremonies again and again before every election. As such, they will be holding an opening ceremony for the Van Kapikoy Border Gate for the 8th time.

The AKP government has offered nothing but war and death to the Kurdish people, but as before every election, they are once again asking for the people’s vote with fake opening ceremonies.

A new opening ceremony is in the works for the Kapikoy Border Gate, which was shut down by the then-Commerce Minister Kursat Tuzmen because “PKK collects money from there”, despite being one of the most important means of making a living in Van’s Saray district.

The Kapikoy Border Gate had most recently been “opened” by AKP’s Van MP Besir Atalay before the June 24 elections. Atalay did perform the “opening”, but the border gate was not actually opened. Now the AKP is taking action once again before local elections.


The AKP government shut down the Kapikoy Border and Commerce Center, and has been promising the people of Van to open it before every election. The Kapikoy Border Gate has been “opened” by the AKP government a total of 7 times to date.

AKP Van Chapter officers made an announcement and said, “The Kapikoy Border Gate, which was started 2 years ago with an investment budget of over 100 million Liras will serve as one of the most modern border gates in Turkey.”

Van Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VAN-TSO) continues to work with the AKP to reopen the border gate, and Chairperson Necdet Takva said: “There shouldn’t be any obstacles against commerce with neighboring countries. I believe the new border gate will be a breath of fresh air in this sense. We believe that this, one of the most modern border gates in Turkey, which cost 100 million Liras, will bring more tourists to Van.”


AKP continues to make propaganda like it is the first time the border gate will be opened, but the past dates are as follows:

- July 18, 2009: A protocol was signed between Turkey’s and Iran’s Foreign Commerce Undersecretaries following the 2 day long 6th term meeting between the Turkey-Iran Joint Committee for Border Trade in Van.

- October 24, 2010: Border Trade Centers with shopkeepers from Van and the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Hoy province were opened in a ceremony in Van’s Saray district Kapikoy-Razi Border Gate.

- March 2, 2010: Documents were signed for the opening of the Kapikoy Border Gate.

- January 30, 2011: Kapikoy Border Gate in Van’s Saray district, leading to Iran, was opened for ground transit passes.

- April 16, 2011: Kapikoy Border gate was opened in a ceremony with AKP officials.

- October 10, 2015: AKP Van MP and former Deputy Prime Minister Besir Atalay said, “The border gate will reopen as soon as possible. I will personally go and open it,” and an opening ceremony was held on October 19, 2015.

- June 15, 2018: Kapikoy Border Gate was opened again in a big ceremony with AKP officials.