Activists in Strasbourg say Europe is complicit in Turkish crimes

The vigil launched in Strasbourg under the motto “Freedom Shall Prevail, Act for Abdullah Öcalan” is continuing in its second week.

In the city of Strasbourg, France, members of the Federation of Democratic Kurdistan Associations in France (CDK-F) have taken over the vigil carried out by Kurdish politicians, youth women, religious institutions and components of the European Union of Forces.

The activists said that the main demand of the protest in front of the Council of Europe is to lift the isolation on Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan and to secure his freedom. They emphasized that the silence of the European institutions towards Öcalan’s isolation is complicity in the crimes of the Turkish state.


CDK-F co-chair Necmettin Demiralp commemorated Shengal Autonomous Administration Executive Council co-chair Merwan Bedel, who was killed in a Turkish drone attack in Shengal and remarked that Europe and the international community remain silent as the Turkish state continues to commit crimes against humanity. Demiralp also pointed to the partnership between the Kurdistan regional government’s intelligence service Parastin and Turkish intelligence service MIT.

Demiralp stressed that the Kurdish people will lead the freedom struggle to victory by securing the freedom of Öcalan, saying ,“The aggravated isolation of Öcalan continues in partnership with the European states. The European countries, which say that the isolation is a crime against humanity, breach their own laws and remain complicit in the crimes of the fascist Turkish state.”

Demiralp recalled that Europe was silent towards Hitler's fascism, which caused trouble as a result of the appeasement policy. He added that the silence towards the AKP-MHP fascism has become one of the biggest problems of the world, especially targeting the Kurds.

Demiralp also called on the left-wing, socialist and democratic forces to increase the joint struggle against the fascist policies of the Turkish state to remove the isolation of Öcalan.