Academic Sirman released under judicial control

Prof. Dr. Nükhet Sirman was released under judicial control.

Prof. Dr. Nükhet Sirman, an anthropologist who retired from Boğaziçi University, was taken into custody in Istanbul on 23 March and brought to Mersin within the scope of the operation carried out by the Mersin Gendarmerie Provincial Directorate.

She was released on Tuesday under judicial control measures. She was also banned from traveling abroad.

The reason for the detention is reportedly related to one of Sirman's research subjects being under police surveillance.

Sirman, co-founder of the Dissensus Research Company, is also among the academics who signed the Peace Petition criticizing the government’s practices during the 2015-16 conflict in Kurdish regions, leading to the dismissal of over 1,000 academics from their positions.