A thousand civilians rescued in Deir ez-Zor operation

Fighters of the Deir ez-Zor Military Council under SDF umbrella have rescued a thousand civilians and transferred them to safe areas.

Rescuing civilians is among the primary tasks in the Operation Cizire Storm launched on September 9 to liberate Deir ez-Zor territory from ISIS. The fighters are freeing hundreds of civilians and leading them to safe areas under their control on daily basis.

The fighters advancing in Abu Fas flank and Siwer region located between Iraqi and Syrian border are leading the civilians they rescue to the surroundings of Saleh al-Hawwash village. Aid organisations affiliated to the Autonomous Administration are welcoming the civilians here and providing them with food and urgent needs.

The fighters have rescued a thousand civilians in various areas of Deir ez-Zor east of the Euphrates River on Thursday. Most of the rescued civilians are women, children and elderly.

Deir ez-Zor is a territory of plain fields and civilians trying to flee from the clutches of ISIS are walking for hours without food and water to reach the areas under the fighters’ control. The aid organisations of Rojava give water in the first place to the freed civilians, and food afterwards.

The locals rescued today are from Homs, Deir ez-Zor and affiliated areas of Salihi, Mazlum, Riweç, Dihela, Sibhe, Merat, Etle, Xişem, Tebiye and Cedid Beqare.

Rojava Asayish (public security) forces are safely leading the civilians to Sed Refugee Camp.