Zendura guerrillas: "Victory will be ours!"

In the last message before falling as martyrs, the Zendura resistance guerrillas said: "Whatever happens, victory will be ours."

Zendura guerrillas, who have been fighting nonstop for 50 days on the Zendura Hill of Metina, don’t give up their belief in victory despite all the attacks of the enemy. On 5 June, the guerrillas had to change its tactics due to the KDP's provocations in Metina. The guerrillas decided to withdraw from Zendura. While a group of guerrillas retreated firmly, another 6-man guerrilla group fell as martyrs on the Zendura hill on 11 June. The guerrillas who later fell as martyrs had sent out a message over the radio during the resistance.

The message was as follows:

"We sincerely greet all our people and comrades. As it is known, the invading Turkish state has launched an operation against our movement in the Medya Defense Areas along the Zap, Metina and Avaşin lines. We take our place in this resistance in Zendura. Generally speaking, in Zap, Avaşin and Metina, the invading Turkish state has not achieved any results thanks to the resistance of our friends. The enemy is carrying out all kinds of attacks against us. No matter how much they attack, our will will never be broken. No matter what happens, victory will be ours. We will continue our resistance no matter how effectively the enemy attacks us. Every day the enemy is waging psychological warfare and calling for surrender. For 35 years, the militants of this party, their Leader [Abdullah Öcalan] never surrendered and never accepted surrender. Friends are carrying out resistance actions. Our resistance is getting bigger.

Here we want to make a call to our people. Our people in Bashur Kurdistan should not accept the invasion launched by the invading Turkish state. These operations are not only against the PKK and the freedom guerrillas. These operations targeted the entire Kurdish people. The people of Bashur should not accept this: these lands are ours. We must stand up against this invasion. They should not remain silent. Turkey attacks villages and people to scare the population. They are destroying people's vineyards and gardens. The Turkish state is pursuing a dirty policy to evacuate the villages and occupy these lands.

We are guerrillas and our resistance will continue until the end. We celebrate the actions of our people in Rojava and Europe to greet the guerrillas’ resistance and struggle. We send our greetings. We salute the hunger strikes of our friends in prison for the freedom of our Leader and to break isolation. Our resistance continues. Victory will certainly be ours."