YRK warns Iran: "We will retaliate if the attacks continue"

The YRK Central Command has stated that they will enact their right to legitimate self-defense if Iran continues to attack.  

Rojhilat Kurdistan Defense Forces Central Command has issued a written statement on Iran's artillery attacks on the Asos mountain. The statement warns Iran to cease all attacks.

The statement said Iranian forces attacked the Asos mountain on November 12 with artilleries and continued: “On November 12, between 9.30 and 10.00, Iranian forces have hit the Asos region with artillery fire in coordination with scout planes. Orchards and gardens of citizens in the Galale village of the Mawet district have been damaged in the attack. This constitutes the second attack, the first of which was carried out by Turkish jet fighters in coordination with Iranian scout planes. Our forces haven't suffered any losses in the bombing, but citizens in the Asos region have suffered damages to their orchards and gardens.”

The statement stressed that the attacks are a result of the deal between Turkey and Iran, and said Iran has once again displayed their animosity against the people, and has violated the borders of Bashurê Kurdistan once again.

 The statement concluded with a warning to Iran and pointed out that if the attacks continue, the situation will be assessed as within the bands of legitimate self-defense.