YRK announces the death of two guerrillas in Turkish airstrike

The Eastern Kurdistan Units reported that two of their fighters were martyred in a Turkish airstrike in the Asos region in the Iraq-Iran border area.

The Press Centre of the Eastern Kurdistan Defense Units (YRK) released a written statement announcing the outcome of a deadly Turkish aerial attack. Accordingly, a YRK unit was struck by Turkish reconnaissance aircraft on August 22, 2022, while on duty in the Asos region in the border region between southern and eastern Kurdistan (Iraq-Iran). The attack claimed the lives of two guerrillas.

The YRK pointed out that the Turkish state is waging a "total war" against the Kurdish people, saying, “Turkey is carrying out cowardly attacks against our people and military forces in four parts of Kurdistan on a daily basis. Dozens of reconnaissance flights were conducted over the areas of the Eastern Kurdistan Units during the month of August.”

The YRK stated that the identity information of the martyred guerrillas would be announced soon, adding, “We will take the revenge of our friends. We will give the necessary response to the invading Turkish state and its collaborators at the proper time,” the YRK concluded.

The PJAK (Kurdistan Free Life Party) and the Eastern Kurdistan Defense Units are particularly active in the Asos Mountains, which lie a good 200 kilometers from the Turkish-Iraqi border. The Turkish army regularly attacks the region.